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LawCash® understands that personal injury victims and plaintiffs in lawsuits sometimes have trouble paying their bills while waiting for the resolution of their cases. LawCash® plaintiff pre-settlement funding helps our clients get a fair settlement or award rather than accepting a low settlement because of cash constraints.

Pre-settlement funding is available for a variety of case types. Knowing whether you qualify for LawCash® pre-settlement funding is simple. When you’ve retained a lawyer after suffering damages, you are automatically qualified for plaintiff funding. When you apply for plaintiff lawsuit funding from LawCash®, our team will evaluate your case and reach out to you with available funding options.

Pre-settlement funding is not a loan, and you pay LawCash® nothing if you do not win or settle your case.

When applying for pre-settlement funding with LawCash®, here are a couple of quick facts you should know:

  • LawCash® will not interfere in any funded case.
  • There is no limit on the amount you can receive from California’s pre-settlement funding, although there is a minimum of $500 for LawCash to accept the case.
  • The value of your pre-settlement cash advance will depend on the facts of the case.
  • LawCash® provides a quick decision and a fast turnaround for pre-settlement funding advances.
  • No fees or payments until you win or settle your case
  • Once your case concludes and should you win, you pay a portion of your recovered lawsuit funds to the pre-settlement funding company that gave you the personal injury advance.
  • LawCash does not perform credit checks and does not provide legal help or advice beyond litigation funding. You owe LawCash nothing until you win or settle your case.

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Do you need Money Now?

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