Consumer Disclosures


LawCash is a licensed Supervised Lender in the State of Missouri.

The maximum interest rate for LawCash’s loans in the State of Missouri will not exceed 60%. The maximum fees charged by LawCash in Missouri will be an origination fee of 10% of the principal loan amount not to exceed $100.00, plus (depending on the delivery method chosen), a delivery fee not to exceed $50.00.

South Carolina

South Carolina law prohibits taking your application directly on this website. However, you may apply quickly and easily by calling1-800-LAW-CASH –or– Emailing and giving us your name and phone number and email address. We will respond to you right away!

Click to view the South Carolina Consumer Pamphlet, which explains your rights.


South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs (SCDCA) Maximum Rate Schedule

Certification Date: 1/28/2016

Plaintiff Funding Holding Inc.
26 Court Street, 11th Floor
Brooklyn, New York 11242-0000

Consumers: All creditors making consumer credit sales in South Carolina are required by law to post a schedule showing the maximum rate of CREDIT SERVICE CHARGES expressed as the FINANCE CHARGE stated as ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATES (APR)that the creditor intends to charge for various types of consumer credit transactions. The purpose of this requirement is to assist you in comparing the maximum rates that creditors charge, thereby furthering your understanding of the terms of consumer credit transactions and helping you to avoid the uninformed use of credit.

NOTE: Creditors are prohibited from granting consumer credit at rates higher than those specified below. However, a creditor may be willing to grant you credit at rates that are lower than those specified, depending on the amount, terms, collateral and your credit worthiness.


Unsecured Credit Sales/Litigation Funding

48% Secured Credit Sales, Non-RealEstate


Litigation Funding

Maximum A.P.R. For Fixed Rate Credit Sales