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Pre-Settlement Advance For Medical Bills and Rent Allows Bereft Mother to Wait For A Fair Settlements

A Brooklyn, New York mother of four was seriously injured in a car accident when a speeding off-duty ambulance driver slammed into her car. Three of her four children were killed in the accident.

Our client and her surviving child suffered major injuries. As a result of the accident, our client was unable to work. Bills began to accumulate.

Our client was about to be evicted from her apartment when the defendant’s insurance company offered her a settlement of $1 million. Her attorney advised her not to accept the settlement offer, even though she needed immediate financial assistance. The attorney recommended that our client apply for funding through LawCash so she could afford to wait for a fair settlement offer, or take her case to a jury. After the underwriting team at LawCash reviewed the lawsuit, we advanced $100,000.

The lawsuit advance allowed our client to keep her apartment, pay her bills, care for her remaining child, and receive critical medical attention. A few months later, she accepted a $3.9 million settlement offer and repaid LawCash $116,000. We helped level the playing field so that our client did not have to accept a low settlement offer.

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Pre-Settlement Advance To Keep Lights On and Prevent Mortgage Foreclosure

Jerome Brown, a St. Petersburg, Florida auto mechanic and carpenter, hurt his back in a car accident. He was unable to work as a result of his injuries. Although Mr. Brown filed a lawsuit shortly after the accident, the legal process progressed slowly. He began to have difficulty paying bills.

Mr. Brown remembers, “We were running such a bad streak of luck. We were running behind in the mortgage, the car payments, the lights, the water, the phone. A couple of times our lights were out. They were literally going to take the house.”

Mr. Brown turned to LawCash. We advanced him $15,000. The advance meant that he did not have to choose between accepting a low settlement and paying his bills. The LawCash advance allowed Mr. Brown to prevent foreclosure on his mortgage and gave him the time he needed to get the settlement he deserved.

Daily Living Expenses While Waiting for Payment of Settlement

Abner Louima intervened in a fight between two women, trying to break them apart. When the police arrived on the scene, the police decided Mr. Louima was the perpetrator. Through his lawyer, Sanford Rubenstein, he negotiated a large settlement with the New York Police Department. The case became notorious, one of the first to give the public a view of police brutality of an innocent and well-meaning African American man.

Mr. Louima’s lawsuit involved, among other horrific offenses, sodomy with a broomstick. Still, despite having reached settlement, Mr. Louima needed money for living expenses while he waited for the NYPD to pay the settlement. The lawsuit dragged on for three years, with no end in sight when he applied for LawCash settled case funding. We advanced $20,000 to help with daily living expenses.

About nine months after the LawCash advance, the NYPD finally paid him the $8.75 million settlement. Mr. Louima repaid the advance. LawCash provided the money he needed while waiting for settlement for heinous wrongs perpetrated against him. Since then, Mr. Louima has demonstrated against police brutality, has marched with Al Sharpton against later instances of police brutality, and dedicated his efforts to protecting the rights of those victimized by the police.

What Our Clients Say

What you’re doing is taking care of us while we recover.
- Joel

My case is taking a little longer than what I thought. My bills are adding up. Thank you for being there when I needed someone.
- Deanna

IWhen this civil nightmare is over and the settlement is disbursed, I might just hand deliver the check to you in person. Thanks for being there.
- Thomas

This amount will be used for my daughter’s final follow up surgery that is to be done within the next few days. Thank you for helping me to help her.
- Donna

You have helped me live.
- Perry

Attorney Testimonials

Past ATLA President Finds Dealing With LawCash® Pleasant, Easy, and Swift
“Dealing with LawCash® has been a pleasant experience for my firm. I am looking forward to working with them again due to the speed and ease we enjoyed in our first transaction.”

Richard Hailey, Esq., Ramey & Hailey, Indianapolis, Indiana; Past National President, Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA)

LawCash® Helps Plaintiffs Pay for Medical Treatment and Attorneys to Improve Their Cases
“No Fault [Insurance] prematurely cut off my client’s benefits and arbitration under the current set up was too risky. Despite the fact that the orthopedist said my client needed surgery, he couldn’t go ahead because he couldn’t afford it. I arranged for the doctor to do it on a lien, but the hospital had to be paid immediately and my client, who was out of work, just couldn’t afford it. My choice: risk a binding decision by a no-fault arbitrator who thinks everyone is malingering or go to the jury with ‘we will have the surgery in the future, wink wink.’That’s when LawCash® came to the rescue. They paid for the hospital, with their non-recourse funding, and the client and the case both improved. My client was more than happy to repay back LawCash® and is thankful they were there in his moment of need. Based on the higher settlement we obtained after the carrier was informed of the surgery, so am I. LawCash® were great people to work with, they really know their business.”

Gary B. Pillersdorf, Esq., Gary Pillersdorf & Associates, New York, NY; Past President, New York State Trial Lawyers Association

Attorneys Find LawCash® To Be Competent, Experienced, Honest, and Fair

“I am happy to say a good word on behalf of the folks at LawCash®. These people have been providing financial help for injured people in litigation situations. They are an extremely competent and experienced group of people. Most of their business has been centered in the eastern part of the United States where they have established a reputation for honesty, fairness, and competence. They bring to their work a wealth of battle-tested experience in the financial services field and their background is impeccable. I have particularly enjoyed working with Harvey Hirschfeld, the Vice President of the organization. As far as I am concerned, his competence, integrity, and decency are unquestioned.

LawCash® is providing a much needed service in the field and I am proud to have been associated with them and can recommend their services without reservation.”

Gary R. Gober, Esq., The Gober Law Firm, Nashville, TN; President of the Southern Trial Lawyers Association; Former State President, Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association

LawCash® Makes Its Clients Feel Comfortable And Secure

“I strongly and enthusiastically endorse LawCash® as a vehicle to assist clients in unique financial positions. We have now worked with LawCash® on behalf of several of our clients who had very specific financial needs. I can truly say that the help LawCash® gave to my clients in these instances proved to be invaluable insofar as it allowed the clients financial assistance when they needed it and when it appeared as though they had no other source for funding for their life needs including paying for such things as groceries, electric bills, etc.

In speaking with my clients who have received advances from LawCash®, each has told me the good news of how they were able to freely and openly communicate with the LawCash® team. This made the clients feel very comfortable and secure under the unique circumstances of each client’s individual case. The LawCash® staff at all times proved to be responsive, competent, and skilled in their field, knowledgeable with respect to responding to questions, and most importantly, the staff evidenced a willingness to listen carefully to the needs of each of these clients.

I have found the personnel at LawCash® to be exceedingly professional in their dealings with my law firm and in their dealings with each of my clients.

I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend utilizing or working with the LawCash® team in those unique circumstances where non-recourse funding is appropriate and necessary.

The work being done by LawCash® is of extreme value to the legal profession and to the clients we represent, and I applaud the manner in which LawCash® is carrying out its responsibilities.”

John F. Romano, Esq., Romano, Erikson & Cronin, Lake Worth, Fl; Past President, Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers

Trial Attorney Says LawCash® Has the Lowest Rates and the Highest Level of Responsibility and Ethics

“Pre-Settlement funding, advancing funds on a non-recourse basis to plaintiffs with pending personal injury and medical malpractice lawsuits, is gaining both acceptance and popularity in today’s practice of pre-settlement funding. As such, I would like to share my feelings on this topic with you.

As in most industries, there are the typical ‘good guys and bad guys.’ One of the pre-settlement funding companies that in my view has proven to be the most responsible and ethical in the industry is LawCash®, based out of New York. These are the people to refer your clients to if they need money as they await the pendency of their cases. LawCash® has rates that are among the lowest in the industry, while their level of responsibility and ethics remain the highest. If your clients desire to obtain advanced funding on their lawsuits or claims, then you should refer them to LawCash® to service their needs.”

Michael J. Maggiano, Esq., Maggiano & Associates, Fort Lee, NJ; Past President, New Jersey Association of Trial Lawyers of America

Missouri Trial Attorney Credits LawCash® With Helping A Mother Pay Her Children’s Expenses and Hold Out For A Fair Settlement

“We contacted LawCash® when our client, with serious injuries, had in front of her a settlement offer of $350,000. She was on the verge of losing her home and car and couldn’t pay for her children’s expenses. Her case was worth a lot more than that and we knew it.

Because LawCash® advanced her $20,000, she was able to hold out for another six months and we were able to settle her case for $850,000. Due to the canons of ethics, there was no way for us to advance her any more money, and if LawCash® did not come through for her, she would have received $500,000 less than she deserved.”

Wilbur O. Colom, Esq., The Colom Law Firm, Columbus, MS

Los Angeles Attorney Finds LawCash® Essential In Allowing His Client To Maximize Her Recovery And Turn Down A Low Settlement Offer

“Our client was severely injured as a result of an auto collision. She supports an infant and has limited resources. LawCash’s® service was essential in allowing the injured victim to maximize her recovery at the completion of the lengthy, tedious, and often time-consuming legal process.

We were able to recover $1.25 million for our client, in large part, due to LawCash®, by allowing our client essential means while patiently waiting for her day in court. If it weren’t for LawCash®, our client would have felt compelled, due to her desperate financial condition, to settle for the $75,000 offer presented at mediation seven months earlier, rather than maximizing the recovery reflective of the true valuation of her case.

LawCash’s® assistance is greatly appreciated and is essential in allowing the injured victim an opportunity to pursue recovery for their severe injuries.”

Robert Weinstein, Esq., Robert S. Weinstein & Associates, Los Angeles, CA Video Player

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