For Attorneys


The Trial-Attorney’s Best Friend

LawCash® also provides lawsuit funding for attorneys, and bundled lawsuit advance refinancing for your clients, maximizing settlement and recovery. We has developed an array of services to maximize profits for your practice – from elevated account management to innovative funds disbursement, law firm loans, case cost funding, and many services designed specifically for trial attorneys.


Law Firm Financing

Settled case funding for attorneys can help manage cash flow. Bundled refinance of your clients’ lawsuit funding advances aids recovery and saves everybody money. Law firm loans, disbursement funding, and working lines of credit for attorneys can also be necessary practice management tools.

Litigation Funding Rolling Contracts

We’re Looking Out for Your Client Too

LawCash® offers rolling contracts which provide plaintiffs with more flexibility and lower rates than lump sum payments.

For example, with a rolling contract, we can approve a pre-settlement cash advance of $10,000 and give your client $1,000 a month for up to ten months, rather than in a lump sum of $10,000.

With legal funding rolling contracts, fewer fees accrue as the amount funded is lower.

If your client receives the settlement six months from the date of the first pre-settlement cash advance, they can stop the lawsuit cash advances and repay the advance and fees on just those six months’ worth rather than the full $10,000. With a rolling contact, just six months of fees will have accrued against a lower advance.

Plaintiffs and their attorneys like rolling contracts because they enforce financial discipline and cost less.

Our services are faster and easier-to-use than ever before.

  • WIRES – Western Union now offered including wire transfers
  • E-SIGNATURES accepted for both clients and attorneys
  • NO-DOC FUNDING APPLICATIONS – reduced documentation on all cases

Ethics Opinions

Over the past several decades, lawsuit funding has become an integral part of the American civil justice system. Many states have passed laws allowing lawsuit finance to help impecunious plaintiffs achieve their day in court and combat delay and unfairness in the legal system, which is rigged in favor of better-capitalized defendants and large insurance companies.