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The Nation's Premier Pre-Settlement Funding Company

Our lawsuit funding programs make a difference in people’s lives

LawCash® provides lawsuit funding, surgical financing, and settled case funding for plaintiffs.

LawCash® provides three different types of lawsuit funding:

  • Plaintiff Pre-Settlement Funding
  • Surgery Funding
  • Settled Case Funding
  • Law Firm Financing
Legal Funding. Litigation Financing. Pre-Settlement Funding.. There are a lot of terms used in this industry and it can be confusing.

We've got you covered. Click here to see the differences.

Our Standard

As a leader in the litigation finance industry, we promise:

  • to treat our clients professionally, respectfully and with compassion.
  • to provide a full legal funding fee disclosure, up-front.
  • that there will be no surprises anywhere in the litigation financing process.

We give all clients a five-business-day right to cancel their legal funding contract without obligation or penalty.

Our History

A Litigation Funding Pioneer

When LawCash® opened its doors almost two decades ago, it helped start a new industry: litigation funding. We received both praise and skepticism in response. Determination and tenacity paid off and the company built a track record of attending to the most fundamental needs of the injured and the legal community.

Countless companies have come and gone, but LawCash® has remained a reliable business that consistently provides responsible financing at the lowest cost. This has allowed us to help thousands of clients and their attorneys during difficult times.

LawCash® is also an original founder of the American Legal Finance Association (ALFA). ALFA sets the best practices and standards for the legal finance industry, protecting the rights of plaintiffs in the United States. The organization has been instrumental in establishing litigation funding industry standards, most notably regarding transparency and disclosure of terms between legal funding companies and their clients.

As the standard bearer in the legal finance industry, we will always adhere to our mission, to facilitate justice for those who would be left behind without pre-settlement funding.

Surgery Funding

Lawsuit funding for surgery financing helps plaintiffs get the care they need without settling too soon. Often, accident victims and other injured plaintiffs need medical care but cannot afford it. Surgery funding advances can make the difference.

Settled Case Funding

When your case settles but you still have to wait months or more to receive payment, settled case funding bridges the gap between resolution and recovery.

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Do you need Money Now?

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