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In just one moment, your life can be changed forever by the carelessness or negligence of another. The term personal injury lawsuit encompasses many different injuries and types of lawsuits, including:

  • Auto Accident, Motor Vehicle (MVA)
  • Slip and Fall/ Premises Lawsuits
  • Jones Act (Maritime Lawsuits, Seamen)
  • FELA (Railroad Accidents)
  • Wrongful Death
  • False Arrests/Wrongful Arrest
  • Police Brutality/Excessive Use of Force by Police
  • Labor Law
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Personal Injury
  • Sexual Abuse; Abuse of any kind
  • School Abuse Cases
  • Abuse Lawsuits against Religious Organizations
  • NFL Concussion Cases
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Workers Compensation + 3rd Party Personal Injury
  • Defective Products Lawsuits
  • Lead Poisoning Lawsuits
  • Asbestos Exposure Claims

Personal injury victims often experience serious injury and disabilities, leading to steep medical bills, an inability to work, difficulty paying for basic living expenses, and financial and emotional stress. Meanwhile, the legal process can take years to unfold, even if you have a great lawyer and a great case. LawCash understands. We can help by providing legal funding for your personal injury lawsuit.

Slip and Fall Lawsuit Funding/Premises Liability

Many people use the terms slip and fall or premises case to refer to a personal injury lawsuit in which a person is injured on someone else’s property. Slip and fall lawsuits fall under the broader category of “premises liability” cases, because these accidents often occur on someone else’s property (or “premises”). Dangerous conditions due to negligence such as torn carpeting, changes in flooring, poor lighting, narrow stairs, wet floors, cracked sidewalks, or hidden hazards can cause slip and fall accidents. Often, owners of the premises where slip and fall accidents take place, including municipalities and private property holders, deny responsibility and delay resolution of the claims, forcing the injured person to wait for years for the lawsuit to end.

During your wait, your injury may prevent you from working, while your bills don’t stop building up. LawCash can provide slip and fall litigation funding or premises liability legal financing so you can pay your expenses and avoid taking a lower settlement than you deserve. You owe us nothing if you do not win your case.

Auto Accident Funding

In just an instant, a motor vehicle accident can change your life forever. Auto accidents often cause serious bodily injuries and disabilities, leading to heavy medical bills, an inability to work and difficulty paying for basic living expenses. Despite these pressures, the legal process for your car injury claims can take years to unfold.

LawCash can help by providing auto accident litigation funding. A car accident cash advance can help you to get the settlement or award you deserve, rather than accepting a low settlement because of cash constraints.

We Fund Many Other Types of Lawsuits

LawCash provides Plaintiff Pre-Settlement Funding advances in a wide variety of personal injury lawsuits and other types of cases.

LawCash provides Plaintiff Post-Settlement, Settled Case funding in a variety of case types.

If you have filed, or settled, a personal injury, auto accident, medical malpractice lawsuit or other type of lawsuit, LawCash can help with lawsuit funding. Apply for litigation financing today.

Speak to one of our LawCash® representatives today and find out how quickly and easily we can provide funding for you in your time of need. We have some of the lowest rates in the industry!


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