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What is California Pre-Settlement Funding?

If you have been injured or suffered damages in California, you may be eligible for California pre-settlement funding. Receiving pre-settlement funding in California means that a company will provide you with a cash advance in exchange for a portion of your future settlement proceeds. California pre-settlement funding is non-recourse funding. This means you only pay LawCash back for your plaintiff cash advance if you win or settle your case.

What Happens with My Pre-Settlement Funding if I Lose My Case?

If you receive pre-settlement funding in California and lose your case, you owe LawCash nothing. CA pre-settlement funding, sometimes given the misnomer of a “lawsuit loan,” is non-recourse legal funding. Unlike a loan where you are borrowing money, CA pre-settlement funding is a company buying a portion of your potential award. This means that if a California lawsuit plaintiff loses a case and has no award, the California pre-settlement funding company will not receive anything.

Do I Qualify for California Pre-Settlement Funding?

If you have retained a lawyer after suffering damages, you can apply for California’s pre-settlement funding. Once you submit your plaintiff funding application, the LawCash team will review your settlement case and get back to you about your cash advance and further legal options.

What Should I Know Before Applying for Pre-Settlement Funding in CA?

When you apply for pre-settlement funding with LawCash®, here are a couple of quick facts you should know:

    LawCash® will not interfere in any funded case.
    There is no limit on the amount you can receive from California’s pre-settlement funding, although there is a minimum of $500 for LawCash to accept the case.
    The value of your pre-settlement cash advance will depend on the facts of the case.
    LawCash® provides a quick decision and a fast turnaround for pre-settlement funding advances.
    No fees or payments until you win or settle your case
    Once your case concludes and should you win, you pay a portion of your recovered lawsuit funds to the pre-settlement funding company that gave you the personal injury advance.
    LawCash does not perform credit checks and does not provide legal help or advice beyond litigation funding. You owe LawCash nothing until you win or settle your case.

What Case Types are Covered by Pre-Settlement Funding in CA?

LawCash California pre-settlement funding covers a variety of case types. You can receive CA plaintiff cash advances for the following:

  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Mass Torts and Class Action Lawsuits
  • Medical Malpractice Lawsuits
  • Slip and Fall Lawsuits
  • Car Accidents
  • Premises Liability Claims
  • Jones Act Claims
  • And many more case types

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    I Already Got California Pre-Settlement Funding, Can I Get More?

    Once you have gotten your pre-settlement funding in California, you are still eligible for additional California plaintiff funding. Litigation is rarely straight-forward and often has evolving obstacles and LawCash pre-settlement funding in CA is designed to meet changing needs. If you have already received California pre-settlement funding and need additional lawsuit funding, apply here for additional cash funds.

    Is CA Pre-Settlement Funding Ethical?

    Pre-settlement funding in California is designed to help level the playing field for plaintiffs. As recently as three decades ago, personal injury victims and lawsuit plaintiffs had no options for timely financial assistance. Banks and credit unions do not offer cash advances when a plaintiff only has a potential recovery as collateral, which is why LawCash California lawsuit funding was born.

    LawCash has been a pioneer in the pre-settlement funding industry for two decades. A founding member of the Americal Legal Finance Association (ALFA), LawCash has helped to establish best practices and consumer protection in the legal funding industry since its inception.

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