Injured and waiting for your case to settle?

Do you need Money Now?

Do you need Money Now?

Quick application only takes minutes

The Nation's Premier Pre-Settlement Funding Company

LawCash® provides lawsuit funding, surgical financing, and settled case funding for plaintiffs

Pre-settlement funding allows personal-injury victims and lawsuit plaintiffs to pay expenses and secure medical care, including surgical financing, while awaiting their settlement. The application is free and only takes a few minutes.

• Non-recourse
• No risk
• No credit check
• Immediate Funding

1-800-LAW-CASH (529-2274)

We have been voted #1 Litigation Funding Provider by law journals from around the country

We can help support your life needs

Let LawCash® lawsuit funding help you!

We are here to help you recover and live comfortably while waiting for your lawsuit to resolve. Our plaintiff advances help our clients pay their bills. We provide lawsuit funding, surgical financing, and settled case funding for plaintiffs.

The Process is Simple

Only a few simple steps to get immediate funds

Fill Out Application

No application fee.
It only takes a few minutes.


We immediately review for a turnaround in as little as 24 hours.


Sign agreement and we will send funds in real time.

Types of Cases

LawCash® funds many different case types

Auto Accident, Motor Vehicle (MVA)
Slip and Fall/ Premises Lawsuits
Jones Act (Maritime Lawsuits, Seamen)
FELA (Railroad Accidents)
Wrongful Death
False Arrests/Wrongful Arrest
Police Brutality/Excessive Use of Force by Police
Labor Law
Medical Malpractice

Personal Injury
Sexual Abuse; Abuse of any kind
School Abuse Cases
Abuse Lawsuits against Religious Organizations
NFL Concussion Cases
Employment Discrimination
3rd Party Personal Injury
Workers Compensation
Defective products lawsuits


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