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Lawsuit Funding for People in Need

We are here to help you recover and live comfortably while waiting for your lawsuit to resolve. LawCash® provides lawsuit funding, surgical financing, and settled case funding for plaintiffs.

Pre-Settlement Funding

Our plaintiff advances help our clients pay their bills. Pre-settlement funding levels the playing field against defendants and insurance companies. Plaintiff funding allows the injured to fully recover.

Surgery Financing

Lawsuit funding for surgery financing helps plaintiffs get the care they need without settling too soon. Often, accident victims and other injured plaintiffs need medical care but cannot afford it. Surgery funding advances can make the difference.

Settled Case Funding

When your case settles but you still have to wait months or more to receive payment, settled case funding bridges the gap between resolution and recovery. This litigation funding service is necessary because when a plaintiff must wait a long time between settlement and payment.

The Process is Simple

Only a few simple steps to get immediate funds

Types of Cases

LawCash funds many different case types

Auto Accident, Motor Vehicle (MVA)
Slip and Fall/ Premises Lawsuits
Jones Act (Maritime Lawsuits, Seamen)
FELA (Railroad Accidents)
Wrongful Death
False Arrests/Wrongful Arrest
Police Brutality/Excessive Use of Force by Police
Labor Law
Medical Malpractice

Personal Injury
Sexual Abuse; Abuse of any kind
School Abuse Cases
Abuse Lawsuits against Religious Organizations
NFL Concussion Cases
Employment Discrimination
3rd Party Personal Injury
Workers Compensation
Defective products lawsuits

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